How to be a Better Vegan in the Garden

Vegan gardening is a super-organic method of growing plants without the use of animal products.

While many of us have become more conscious about how our food choices, items of clothing, beauty products and home habits have an effect on the environment, vegan gardening is only really just taking off.

To become a vegan gardener, essentially, your focus is to protect and care for the environment and help habitats to thrive, all whilst growing clean, ethically produced crops. It also means embracing rather than killing wildlife and insects, including slugs, sacrificing some crops, and making your own compost.

The concept of vegan gardening ties in with organic gardening which omits the use of manufactured chemical substances, as well as the wider ‘Grow Your Own’ movement which encourages us to grow and eat more fruit and vegetables, and the no dig gardening method, all of which filters into the values of today’s eco-conscious gardener.