Why We Should Grow Our Own Veg

Wrapped in copious amounts of plastic, transported long distances before reaching the chopping board, and grown using chemical pesticides. A large proportion of shop-bought fruit and vegetables are responsible for causing significant environmental damage, leaving us with an ethical dilemma to contend with whenever we go to the supermarket. One solution that arguably resolves each of these issues is to start growing our own food.

There are many reasons why tending a vegetable garden could bring both personal and environmental benefits. Although the success of such an endeavour in part depends on the amount of time you can commit to it, it’s hard to deny that the benefits of growing your own food make the hours spent planting, watering, and weeding worthwhile.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables might take some time out of your day, but it is certainly time well spent. Gardening is a great way to combat stress and anxiety, with fresh air and exercise being widely recommended to people suffering with mental health. The various tasks involved in producing greens for your kitchen table, from planting seeds to harvesting vegetables, are sure to increase your daily activity.

A great sense of accomplishment can also be found in successfully nurturing a plant from its beginnings as a seedling up to its growth of vegetables ripe for picking. If you’re lucky, you might end up with enough food to share with your friends, family and local community, helping to spread a love of home grown produce.